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SkyDroneLink is dedicated Drone Repair & Service Center based out of Orange County, CA focused on getting your drone back up and running. We are the only repair center in OC that offers IN-PERSON DROP OFFs and PICKUPS. We see clients by CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT only via email, NO walk-ins, please email us to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. We service DJI, SwellPro and ANZU drones only at this time.

STANDARD DIAGNOSTIC FEE (DJI drones, out of waranty) - $69* for drones without water damage and that are not modified* (non-refundable for any reason), that can be used towards the repair cost if you decide to proceed with the repair. Current turn around for standard diagnosis is 4-7 business days.

We also offer Rush (1-2 business days) and Same Day Diagnosis at extra fee, email us.

STANDARD DIAGNOSTIC FEE for DJI INSPIRE and MATRICE drones - $95*, (non-refundable for any reason) that are without water damage and  can be used towards the repair cost if you decide to proceed with the repair. The Diagnostic fee for Inspire and Matrice drones with water damage will be $139 (non-refundable and cannot be used towards the repair cost if the drone is reparable).

DIAGNOSTIC FEE for DJI drones with WATER DAMAGE - $99* (non-refundable for any reason) and cannot be used towards the repair cost due to certain degree of cleaning and complex testing procedure.

*If your drone has been MODIFIED (someone tried to repair the drone and failed, super glue inside, the drone is completely apart and everything is detached etc), the repair may end up more complex after that because this modification may result in more damaged / broken parts or boards, glue inside that cannot be removed, etc therefore the Diagnostic Fee may NOT go towards the repair cost due to more complicated diagnostic procedure, email us for more info. We strongly advise NOT to try repair yourself and let the drone tech instead to do the job, this will save you money. Drones are very sensitive and delicate and require special tools and knowledge to fix them.

We do offer SAME DAY & RUSH DIAGNOSIS (24-48 hours) for an Additional RUSH FEE depending on a drone model, the damage and parts availability, please email us for more info.

We are always available to answer any questions before, during, and after the repair. Repairs are done with OEM original parts, we dont offer warranty.


We service the following DJI Drones:

DJI Phantom 4 STD / Phantom 4 PRO / Phantom 4 Advanced / Phantom 4 PRO V2.0 / Phantom 4 RTK

DJI Mavic Mini Original / DJI Mini 2 / DJI Mini SE / DJI Mini 2 SE / DJI Mini 3 / DJI Mini 3 Pro / DJI Mini 4 Pro

DJI Mavic Pro / DJI Mavic 2 Pro / DJI Mavic Platinum / Mavic 2 / Mavic 3 / Mavic 3 Classic / Mavic 3 Pro

DJI Mavic Zoom / Zoom 2

DJI Mavic Air Original / DJI Air 2 / DJI Air 2S / DJI Air 3

DJI Inspire 1 / Inspire 1 Pro / Inspire 2 / Inspire 3

DJI Matrice Series


We DON'T service DJI Phantom 1, 2 and 3 series, and its remotes.

DJI Drone Repair Services:

- Gimbal Errors and Gimbal Overload

- Broken / Detached Gimbal Repair / Rebuild and Replacement

- Broken Arms / Legs Repair and Replacement

- ESC Board Repair and Replacement

- Main Board Repair and Replacement

- Broken Motors Repair and Replacement

- Yaw Motor Repair and Replacement

- Sensors Repair and Replacement

- Landing Gear Repair and Replacement

- Body / Frame / Upper, Lower Shell Repair or Replacement

- Vision Sensors Calibration and Error Fix

- Drone Calibration issues and Firmware upgrade

- and other broken DJI drone parts repair or replacement



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