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Welcome to SkyDroneLink - DJI and SWELLPRO Drone Repair & Service Center!

Please note, we do not provide prices or (preliminary) estimates / quotes over the phone, email or on the spot. You would need to schedule an Appointment with us via Email / Contact form below and drop off your DJI or SwellPro drone for a diagnosis and leave it with us so we can take a look at it and see how big the damage is.

We service DJI and SwellPro Drones only, we see customers for drop offs and pickups by Confirmed Appointment only via email (we don't offer texting), NO walk-ins.

When requesting an APPOINTMENT via CONTACT Form below, please specify your DJI or SWELLPRO Drone Make and Model and the Problem you are experiencing. You may also SHIP your drone to us, please contact us and let us know if you will choose to do so and we will email you the shipping instructions within 48 hours.

We buy BROKEN or damaged DJI Drones for parts, email us. You would need to bring in your broken drone for a day or two, once we diagnose the damage, we will let you know if we are willing to buy it and how much we will pay for it. Please note, we DON'T buy brand new or working drones for resale,  only broken ones so we can use them for parts.

In the Question/ Comment field, please indicate your DRONE MAKE & MODEL and describe the PROBLEMS / ERRORS you are experiencing with your drone.

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